Thursday, May 27, 2010

Suja's Varutharacha chicken curry

Thanks to Suja. I tried the chicken recipe which Suja has posted in her blog this evening. Oh I must say it was a partial success. Here is where you will find the original recipe. Its a great recipe, every one should try this at least once.

It took me about 2 hours to make this. I am not 100% sure if this is how long its supposed to take. Nevertheless, the aroma is worth a million bucks! No kidding!

But... I made a small mistake:(. Well it deserves to be called a blunder! I am so sorry Suja. What I did was, instead of marinating the chicken pieces in the ground spices powder, I made a paste of roasted onion, curry leaves and grated coconut and marinated the pieces with that! I realized this mistake after I marinated the chicken for 45 mins.
Thanks to that stupid call centre agent who was troubling me for months now! (I should report him soon)
Anyway, at the prescribed time when I was supposed to add this paste, I added the ground masala. The taste was different from yours I guess. (Not to mention the color and consistency) :(

But believe me when I say, the taste is out of the world! Its lovely!

Mistakes do happen right; and when they do, we keep our chin high, pull up our socks and say 'better luck next time'.
I think this is what happens when we are too tired from a whole days work :) Its ok...Its a new recipe now!

Really the taste was good. Thanks Suja! By the way what is the meaning of "Varutharacha"?


  1. Hi Madhu thats an amazing chicken dish...checked Suja's link too...both look lovely. I also follow the same philosophy when it comes to mistake :-)

    between, following your query in my blog, sorry that I forgot to mention the serving size. this will serve 4 persons as an accompaniment to rice. yes. you can freeze this in a covered bowl for a couple of days.
    best way would be not to put the tempering,just boil everything as mentioned and refrigerate. whenever you want to use take it out from the freeze, bring it to room temperature and add fresh tempering. that way the aroma would be intact.

  2. Hi Madhu
    1st time made an amazing dish, chicken lovers will be very pleased..happy to follow visit me when time permits..

  3. This is looking good, don't worry about the mistake, it happens to all...

  4. @Sayantini, thank you for kind words. You are all being very modest and kind with me. There is no comparision between Suja's and my chicken :)

    Thanks for the tip about freezing. These days after long days at work, it gets tiring to cook daily. So, i was specuating about cooking and freezing.

    @Jagruti, thank you. I visited your blog. Nice!

    Thanks Palatable.

  5. Oh dear your chicken curry looks fantastic. Varutharachathu means chicken made with roasted and grounded spices.It will not make much difference dear as the curry will have the flavor of roasted coconut and spices.The consistency looks so perfect...yummy!

    I am so happy that you tried my recipe dear..I feel very honored.Thanks dear. Hope you enjoyed.

  6. Suja, you are very modest. I loved the chicken! If only someone would figure out a way to remote-tasting!

  7. Hi madhu, Chicken curry looks perfect and delicious. Don't worry about the small mistake.
    Thanks for the visit... I am glad to follow you!

  8. Hi Madhu,
    u have a gr8 space here!varutharacha chn curry luks perfect
    tnx 4 stopping by 'simply delicious' dear

  9. Great to hear that u tried this from Suja's space...looking yummy

  10. There is something waiting for you in my blog..please collect dear.

  11. Thanks Vidya, Sangi and Sarah.

    Suja dear, I have no idea how to collect an award! How should I go about this? Thanks for sharing this with me and congratulations on a well deserved award.

  12. hi madhu..u tried to make a dish thats the best part yarr..chicken curry looks delicious..the way u explained is really interesting
    I came through suja's blog.u have a nice blog..good one yarr..
    U r always welcome to my space too