Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Veggi Stir Fry

I had never been a great fan of eating veggies. If it happens to be vouched for, then I could give it a try but otherwise I tend to swing towards meat than veggies. But veggie stir fry is something I can eat everyday. It’s simple and can be had literally by itself or as a side dish with fried rice or noodles.

I made this a week ago and we finished it in a singe day J

I usually go for what ever vegetables I find in the fridge. But be a little careful not to use contradicting (like Okra) veggies.


Bell Peppers: 1 red and 1 green

Carrots: about a hand full baby size

Mushrooms: 1 cup, sliced

Celery: 1 stalk

Spring onions: 3 or just use the regular onion chopped fine

Ginger: 2 inch piece

White wine: 4 tbsp (try substituting with water if you prefer)

Olive oil: 1 tbsp

For the Sauce:

Any sea food sauce: 2 tbsp

Lime juice/veiger: 1 tbsp

Brown sugar/honey: 1 tsp

Chili sauce/cayenne pepper: ½ tsp (or required amount)

Any good tasting stock: 1/3 cup (I used chicken stock)

Garlic: 4, minced

Mix all the ingredients for sauce with the exception of garlic and keep aside.


  • Heat a wok and add olive oil. When the wok is really hot, add the veggies and stir for a minute and reduce the heat. When you reduce the heat add a tbsp of wine/water/sherry. Fry a little and add another tbsp. Keep doing this until the veggies are soft but not completely cooked.
  • Meanwhile, bring the sauce to boil in another dish and add garlic when the sauce boils.
  • By then the veggies would have been just soft enough. Now add the sauce to the veggies and check for salt.
  • You can adjust the salt by adding soy sauce or sea food sauce or plain salt itself.
  • Let the sauce come close to the veggies and the stir fry is all set!

Note: If you are using broccoli or veggies likewise, make sure to fry them before you add the rest of the veggies.


  1. This veggi stir fry can stand alone as a single dish that is tasty, healthy and also interesting. I sometimes cook mixed veg stir fry for dinner to eat with rotis.
    Madhu, like this nice, simple and easy to cook recipe.

  2. Nice one Madhu...very healthy and colorful stir fry.

  3. will try this evening .... nice and simple too

  4. thanks guys :) your compliments keep inspiring me to keep up the good work :P

  5. Welcome to the blog world... :)

  6. Thanks SS! You got a lovely blog. I am going to frequent your now :)

  7. I just happened to read that u have written that u r careful with veggies like okra...I seriously love okra in any form, And trust me, the stir fried ones are amzing even along with other veggies :) U can also see some okra recipes in my blog :) And yes, Welcome to the club :) Happy cooking and blogging :)

  8. Welcome Rach :)
    Okra is a great veggie. But I never mixed with stir fry because it is sticky and in stir fry I was using stock. This stock will make the okra leak more than usual and the entire dish will be sticky. That's why I said to be careful about Okra.

    But if you like okra a lot I don't see a reason why it should not be included :)I just visited your blog. You have some really nice quick-dinner recipes there. Loved it.

  9. Hi Madhu Welcome to foodie blog world.You have a nice space here.Veg stir fry looks colorful and delicious.Thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice words.Coming to the pan I used for baking the cake--instead of cake pan I used 1pound bread loaf pan.Keep visiting.Following you.

  10. Thanks for visiting Kiran and the tips about cake pan. I might use half the ingredients when i try though for its just me and my Hubby here for now.