Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pesarattu-an Andhra Breakfast

I have had this recipe sitting in my drafts for quite sometime now. Having lived in Andhra for quite sometime, it is but natural that I pick up the taste for Pesarattu with ingi (ginger) chutney. I don't know why, but I normally shy away from making this often. My husband had his first taste of Pesarattu only an year ago when we went to visit my parents. Needless to say, he is hooked to it and asks me to make this on and off :) Its fairly simple. I have served this with Ingi (ginger) chutney. Usually people in Andhra serve this with upma; they call it a classic combo, just like peanut butter and jelly. but who has so much time to make both on the same day eh??
The below measurements would yield at east 15 dosas.

Moong Dal: The green whole ones 2 cups
Ginger: 2 inch piece
Green chili: 2
Salt: 1 tsp
Oil: 3 tbsp 

Soak the dal overnight in water. Fine grind the next morning with the remaining ingredients. The batter should be in dosa/paint consistency. 
 Heat the dosa pan and spread the batter like shown below and add a little oil at the edges of the dosa..
 Turn it over when you see the dosa is cooked to golden brown behind. Cook for another 30 secs to 1 minute and remove from the pan. Repeat the process until all the batter is finished.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Easy Breezy Vanilla Cake

Have you ever had an afternoon when all you want to do is watch a movie with perhaps coffee and cake? Well, I did about 2 weeks ago. I was not in a mood to do elaborate baking, so, here is a simple, yet, great tasting cake!
 All Purpose Flour:1 1/4 cups
Sugar: 1 cup (you can easily reduce this to 3/4)
Eggs: 1
Vanilla extract: 1 tsp
Baking Powder: 1 tbsp
Margarine: Softened 1/4 cup
Milk: 1/2 cup
Salt: 3/4 tsp
8 inch round cake pan

Pre heat the oven to 350 D F. Beat the egg and milk together. Pour in the vanilla extract to the milk.
In another bowl mix the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients. Now add the margarine and mix until combined. 

Pour in to a baking pan and bake for 30 minutes. Remove from the pan. When its cool, you can sprinkle some icing sugar.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Khamman Dhokla

This is my first attempt at dhokla and I am really proud to say that it was a HUGE success! It was moist, fluffy, tangy and a bit sweet; just like how a real good dhokla should taste like. Its very easy, try this out. I have served this with sweet and sour Imli-ki-chutney (tamarind dip) and Mint and coriander chutney (see recipes prior to the dhokla recipes).

Besan/chickpea flour: 1/2 cup
cooking soda/baking soda: 1/2 tsp
Yogurt: 1/2 cup
Water: 1/2 cup

Mix yogurt and water together and slowly add to the besan. The consistency should be of idly/paint. Make sure there are no lumps and add the yeast. Leave this aside for 1 hour.

After 1 hour, you will need the below which are to be added to the batter:
Green chilies: 1 medium, paste (or 2 according to taste)
Oil: 1 tsp
Salt: 1 tsp should be good
Turmeric: a pinch

After leaving the batter aside for 1 hour, mix in the above all to the batter and mix well.

You will need to pressure cook this now. I didn't have a plate which will fit in a cooker, so, I used my baking pan. (I know, bad idea).

Anyway...Pressure cook the above in 1 cup of boiling water for 7-8 minutes. Don't have to put the weight on the cooker. After 8 minutes, remove the lid and test the done-ness by inserting a toothpick in center. If it comes out clean, its done. Switch off the stove, close the lid and let it be for 5 more minutes.

For tempering:
Mustard seeds: 1 tsp
Curry leaves: 1 string
Cilantro: a little
Oil: 2 tsp
Water: 3 tsp

Mix 1 tsp of oil in 3 tsp of water and pour over the steamed dhokla. To this add the tadka, shown like below.

I served this with tamarind and coriander/mint chutney. Yummy dhoklas ready! 

Mint-Coriander Chutney

Just like Imli-ki-chutney, this goes great with all the chaat's. The best part is, it takes only 3 minutes! No kidding!

Coriander/cilantro: 1 cup
Mint leaves: 1/4 cup
Onion: 1 very small
Ginger piece: 1/2 inch
Salt: As desired.

Method: Fine grind all the ingredients together fine and check for salt. That's it!


Mouth watering, sweet and sour dip! Perfect for Samosas, Dhoklas and what ever you fancy!

Water: 1 1/2 cup
Tamarind pulp: 1/4 cup
Cumin: 1 tsp
Cumin powder: 1/2 tsp
jaggery: 1/4 cup
Salt: 1 tsp
Red chili powder: 1/2 tsp
Oil: 1 tsp

Mix water and tamarind pup. Heat oil in a vessel and add cumin seeds. When they splutter, add the water and tamarind mix. Bring it to a boil. I use hot water to begin with; so, it hardly takes 2 mins. Add the jaggery, salt,chili powder and cumin powder.
Boil for another 15 minutes. Check the taste and switch off. The chutney thickens when cooled off. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tossed Italian Salad

I absolutely love this salad for its refreshing and simple taste. A must for every Italian dinner evening.
I am aso sending this entry to Salads Only event hosted by Prathibha and Pari

Spinach leaves: 1/2 cup
Lettuce: 1/2 cup, broker with hand
Small radishes: 3, thinly sliced
Peppers: thinly sliced, as much as you want.
Red Onion: 1/4, thinly sliced

Balsamic vinegar: 2 tbsp
Extra virgin olive oil: 2 tbsp
Sea Salt: 1/4 tsp

After you serve on plate:
Freshly ground pepper: As desired
Parmesan cheese: As desired.

Tear the spinach leaves, lettuce and add to thinly sliced radishes, onion and peppers. Toss a bit.
Add the dressing before you serve. After you serve on a plate, garnish with Parmesan cheese and ask if the guest/family want any pepper.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Tomato and Okra

Have you ever tried mixing tomatoes and orka? If not, you must try the recipe the below way. Dont worry, its not gooey gooey. It also is the best for the days when you have limited okra at home and you need to make do with the same for tonight's dinner and tomorrows lunch. My mom taught me this method.

Okra: quarter kilo or half pound
Onion: 1 medium
Green Chili: 1 chopped
Tomato: 1 medium chopped
Salt: according to taste
Turmeric powder: 1/8 tsp
Red chili powder: 1/2 tsp

For Tadka:
Oil: 2 tbsp
Mustard seeds: 1 tsp
cumin/jeera: 1 tsp
curry leaves: a few

  • Wash the orka, dry them with a clean cloth until they are completely dry and chop them into small pieces.
  • Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a pan and fry the okra.
  • While the okra is being fried, heat 1 tbsp of oil in another pan and add the tadka items in the same order. After they start dancing, add the green chilies and onion and fry the onion until translucent. 
  • To the onions, add the turmeric powder, salt and red chili powder. 
  • Make sure to stir the okra once in a while. 
  • To the onions, add the tomatoes and cover and cook until the tomatoes are completely cooked. 
  • By this time even orka would have fried. 
  • Add the okra to the tomato mix and immediately switch off the flame.