Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A few plants from my garden:)

I love gardening. Its been just a couple of full-summers since we moved into our current home and this is our second summer here. I managed to grow a few flower plants and a few veggies. Here they are :)

Wait for the recipes of home-grown mint and methi :)

A small patch is all I had for mint and look at this now! Also, this excludes what I had given away to my lucky neighbors.

Below are my methi pot's :)
When i don't use as much herbs (thyme, chive etc), they go into a vase.
Now a few pictures of my flower patches starting with Asiatic lily. I love these bright orange lilies. In between you would also see pansies, pinks etc which I use as fillers to get the brighter side of the entire patch.
Thickseed and daisy buds.
Do any of you know the name for these?
Zinnias and Jasmine...I actually managed to keep my jasmine plant alive in winter!! Yeayyy!
Actually, all these flowers are from the second-phase of summer (June-July). The first phase started with Tulips, Daffodils and a few others (pictures of which are posted in the below link) as soon as the last frost has passed late April/early May.

There is a third phase too. Flowers like Dahlia, Oriental lilies, Calla lilies and a few other plants whose names I don't remember (Aug-sept). I also brought up a few plants from seeds, hollyhocks, lupines, poppy, ginger etc. I think they will blossom only next year in summer though.

Hope you all enjoyed and wait till August and I will share the third season flower pictures :)


  1. Dear Madhu,

    Your garden looks very lovely.I too love growing plants during summer in my patio.Sure will wait to see more flowers in August.

    In your previous post I answered your question regarding avocado icecream.

  2. Lovely Garden , keep up the good work

  3. Lovely garden and nice pics .Do drop by when time permits

  4. Wowo lovely flowers you got. I try here a lot to get them but the weather is not very good .. Finally gettign the Gladiolas and begonias coming out now ... I am in UK :)

    nice blog

  5. Thanks Suja and Padhu(i will check out your blog)

    Thanks Bikramjit. Weather is kind of cod even at my place right now (Canada)...oh well :)

  6. Dear Madhu,
    Thanx for stopping by my space n for ur sweet comments...Fascinating garden u have...drooling over here...!
    might see me often around..;)