Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mushroom Pasta...

Friends, whom we can call close/best is a blessing and a privilege. I must say I am lucky in this respect. My best friend who happens to be a vegetarian, keeps asking me to try something "different" in pasta, veggie-version. She herself is a good cook (and the first follower of my cooking blog). So I started thinking of simple and basic ways of making bow-tie pasta recipes for her and finally managed to get the right one which is healthy and tasty too. I used Mushrooms as my main ingredient. After making pasta, I called her immediately with excitement and told her about it. But, much to our disappointment her husband is allergic to mushrooms! Now my quest still continues...

Until then, perhaps you all can enjoy this simple, 10 minutes dinner recipe.

Bow-tie pasta-2 cups (uncooked, I used whole wheat grain pasta)
Mushrooms: 1 cup
garlic: 1 tbsp, finely minced
basil: a few leaves if fresh but i used dried 1 tbsp (or any of your favorite herb)
rosemary: 1 tsp (or any of your favorite herb)
shredded almonds and pecans: 3 tbsp
Butter: 1 small cube
Dry white wine (cooking wine): 100 ml
Cheese: I used shredded Parmesan

  • Cook pasta according to the packet instructions and drain.
  • Dry roast the shredded nuts and leave them aside (be careful not to burn them).
  • Heat butter in a large pan and add the garlic and the herbs.
  • When you start getting the aroma, add mushroom's and fry them for 1 minute.
  • Now add wine and cook the mushrooms (should be done in 5 mins). Add a little salt.
  • Wait until almost all the wine is absorbed and then add the cooked pasta and nuts and simmer for 2 minutes before switching off the stove. Quickly check if the salt is enough, else add just a little more.
  • Transfer into a bowl and serve immediately on a warm plate. After serving the pasta on a plate, sprinkle the cheese generously.
That's all!

This evening I am going to try slightly different version and add asparagus and peas too. I will post the picture with this variation later this evening.

My first award:
Thanks Suja for the beautiful award's. Indeed I am extremely happy and this first award will always remain close to my heart. I appreciate that you remembered to give this to me.

Most of you already have this I am unable to share this with many people. So, I want to share this especially with Jagruti, Gouri, Invincible and with everyone in this space.

Below is one of my favorite picture we had taken last year on the way to Grand Canyon, Arizona.


  1. he he he ... guess what ... I wanted to make pasta for dinner tonight ... but ran out of idea's ... so made noodles ... i must have opened the blog little earlier :(

  2. Madhu, I don 't like mushrooms, but this can have a place in my cooking list. A lovely veggie (pasta) dish...and version...ha ha ha

    Thanks for passing on these awards dear:)

  3. Hmm,,,Mushroom pasta looks perfect dear,,,i love pasta verry much wooow yummy meal..

  4. Delicious Pasta! Congrats on the awards :-)

  5. Will try this one surely, a very simple and delicious recipe.
    My kids love pasta and i tend to make them with lots of vegetables. Perhaps they will enjoy this one but what can be a substitute for white wine?

  6. Thanks Invi.

    Gaouri, if you don't like Mushrooms, add asparagus instead. You can also add peppers (red/green/yellow).

    Thanks Satya.

    Thanks Rachana!

    Thanks for stopping by Aparna. Add water instead of wine to soften the veggies. But you might need more herbs/spice though. The reason I used wine is for the flavor. If you are giving this to kids, add water.

  7. Yuumy pasta..very comfort food.

  8. Hi
    First time in your space.good recipes.would love to follow you.

  9. Madhu, first time here. Loved going thru your recipe collection. This pasta recipe looks yummy. Happy blogging !!!

  10. Thats really sweet of you,...veggie version for a friend:):) Lovely mushrooms to be delicious.:)

  11. My daughter loves pasta and always look out for new recipes..gotta try this one..Congrats on your awards and thanks for sharing with me..soon I'll update on my Awards page...

  12. Mushroom pasta looks yummy....

  13. Thanks Panchpakvan, subhashini, life is beautiful (I am following you now :), Ms Gandhi, Jagruti and Vidhya :)