Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Aunty now!

Dear blogger's, I am glad to announce the arrival of my nephew! I will not be able to update the blog for at least another week. Planning on visiting my nephew every day after work!
I am an aunt now!


  1. Congratulations to you and your family.My best wishes to the little one.

  2. hey congrats to u n ur family ...enjoy ur time with little one

  3. Congrats, enjoy with your family.:)

  4. congrats dear!!! i know how it is to become an aunt :).. ejoy each and evrey bit of time with little one as these chances will soon pass by :)

  5. Congrats..enjoy with family and with the little one.

  6. Ek to na ANGREZ chale gaye but have put us in a pecualiar situation .. what is AUNTY now

    is it maasi, bhua , cachi, tayi etc etc :)

    so aunty ji to the new arrival what AUNT are you :)

    and congratulations to you and the family god bless the little one