Sunday, August 8, 2010

Garden Pictures- Part 3

As promised here are a few pictures of how my garden is looking like as of now. This is going to be the last set of pictures for this year; unless I end up buying more plants before Halloween!

Staring with Shasta Daisies and think seeds amongst pinks and pansies. For these beautiful darlings, I don't mind spending an hour watering the plants. Trust me, on a working day, 1 hour is a lot of time to spend in garden, but totally worth it. Daisies and thick-seeds are perennials but pansies and pinks are annuals.

Here is Calla lily; by far the most beautiful and the most expensive bulb in my garden standing at $15 a bulb. I bought 2 bulbs and only one survived. Its difficult to care for this fussy plant. Every fall I need to take the bulb out before the first frost, store them carefully in a dry place and replant next spring after the last frost. These are perennials but each bulb would yield only one flower.

Here is one of the pink Dahlia plants. When I planted this bulb, I was a bit apprehensive; will they grow at all? But sure they grew! Here is the result. I have so many of these flowers now that I can cut them down for a vase for every room in my home. These are perennials and have to be treated the same way like Calla lilies.

Day lilies are fairly common here. They even grow road side! They also multiply quickly and are super hardy! You hardly need to raise a finger to tend them. They are perennials.

The beautiful beautiful Oriental lilies. This is my husbands favorite for its color and fragrance. When they bloom, the entire garden would assume a soft fragrance.

I have no idea(rather I forgot) of its name. This is an annual and is a lily for sure.

And who have not heard of black eyes Susans? They are fairly common and are perennials. they bring vibrant color around July-August.

And now the white Dahlia's. The flowers are so big and heavy that the entire plant is almost falling off the ground! Aren't they stunning?

And finally, who would want to spend money outside for fresh cut flowers when the beautiful garden can give you all you need and more? This vase is sitting on my kitchen counter.


  1. beautiful garden. love the are an avid gardener with a God blessed green thumb. hope to see more of your garden pics. also can you please increase the size so that we can enjoy a full view?

  2. Thanks Subhashini and Sayantani.

    @ Sayantani, just click on the picture, it will show you the original size.

  3. Madhu, you have a lovely garden and your flowers say how much love and care you shower on them.

  4. Madhu,the blooms from your garden look soo beautiful and good...the pansies look so unique...