Friday, October 15, 2010

Rava Kesari

Thanks Suja! I made Rava Kesari your way 2 days ago as nayvedyam. More often than not I make kesari with milk. But with milk, the problem is that, it gets very heavy after eating very little. So this time, I used water instead, as per Suja's recipe. It came out well. The only variations I used are the less quantity of sugar. Also I did not get a chance to keep this in a platter and cut it. So I just kept it as nayvedyam directly in a small bowl in my pooja shelf. 

The link to original recipe is here in Suja's blog. Click on her name and you will find the original recipe there.

This is how my pooja shelf is looking like right now, during the festival season. Nothing fancy but just did what I could. Like it?


  1. Delicious,looks truly divine..thanks for trying and so happy that you liked it..
    Liked your pooja shelf..well lit and peaceful.

  2. Kesari looks absolutely marvellous..

  3. Festive n delicious..Happy Durga puja to you n your family!

    US Masala

  4. Hey I couldnt see the picture..
    Pooja shelf looks good.