Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tulasi kashayam

Weather is changing; with this my colds, sore throat and other weather related small issues cropped up. My mother in law told me a simple, yet, very effective tip to combat cold's and sore throat without taking pills. Here is the me, this works. Instead of having a cup of water, have a cup of this kashayam and you are good to go as you see the results almost in 5 minutes! You can have this up to thrice a day. Sorry, i dont know what to call kashayam in english or hindi.

Tulsi plant is said to have many healing properties. No wonder we all even pray to Tulsi plant for good health! 

Tulsi leaves (Indian Basil): 5
Pepper corns: 4 or 5
Jaggery/sugar: 1 tsp

Boil 1 1/2 cups of water in a pot. To this boiling water, add Tulsi leaves and coarsely crushed pepper and  boil for another 5 minutes. Switch off the stove and add jaggery/sugar. Filter the water and have it hot.

Note: If you do not have a Tulsi plant at home, just buy the powder; you should be able to find this in any Indian grocery store. 


  1. wow its very useful for this whether...thanks fro sharing madhu ...


  2. Informative post dear..thanks for sharing

  3. My mom always made tulasi kashayam,a natural remedy,thanks for sharing.

    Pushpa @

  4. Great recipe Madhu..With the cold weather soon approaching..good way to keep cold and sore throat away. I do have a tulsi plant so can make this drinki whenever I need !!!

  5. Hey Madhu.. A great post...And a different one....!

  6. Wat a healthy and useful post..thanks.

  7. Loquat is for cough and lung in Chinese medicine. Sometimes i would take the Ninjiom Pei Pa Koa which is an extract of loquat when got sore throat.

    You can access info online @

  8. Thanks ladies! I am glad that you have liked it.

  9. I am trying it now! i ll give u my feedback in a hour!